What to Expect

What To Expect From Your Osteopathy Or Sports Massage Appointment


Your first osteopathy appointment begins with an initial medical history. This provides us with important subjective information about your health, your complaint, and your goals from osteopathic treatment. We will ask you about the nature of your pain using an acronym SOCRATES. This stands for site, onset, character, radiation, associated symptoms, timeline, exacerbating/relieving factors, and severity. In addition to questions about your pain, we will ask you about your general health, including any medication you’re taking and any previous injury or illness.

Following the consultation and case history is the examination process. This typically consists of postural examination, movements of the spine, movements of peripheral joints, feeling for affected muscles, functional tests and orthopedic tests. The examination is a really important part of the whole process. It is important because it enables us to determine what muscles and joints are being affected, and what osteopathy techniques will produce the best results for you.

Your osteopathic treatment will usually consist of a combination of techniques. The techniques we use will always depend upon your preferences and will never include any techniques that you may be uncomfortable with. Techniques used may include: massage, manipulation, mobilisation, acupuncture, cupping, stretches and advice on nutrition and exercise. Throughout the treatment you will be covered in towels or wearing appropriate clothing at all times.

The management plan is usually discussed at the end of your first visit. The management plan will provide both patient and practitioner with a sense of clarity, direction and purpose. The management plan will likely describe the number of treatments you will need, how long it will take for you to feel better, and how much treatment will likely cost you. It will also include things you will need to do outside of the treatment room, such as changes to your diet, exercise and relaxation.

Sports Massage

Your first sports massage appointment begins with an initial consultation. The consultation for sports massage takes approximately 5 minutes and includes information about your health, the type of massage you prefer, and your goals from treatment. We will ask you about any massage therapy you have received previously and how you responded to that treatment.

Following the consultation is a short assessment of your posture, muscles and joints. This typically consists of feeling for affected areas so that the massage treatment is focused and effective for you. The assessment is really important part, because it enables us to determine the areas of your body that are most affected, and what massage techniques will produce the best results for you.

The type of sports massage and how it is performed will depend upon your preferences, and what you expect to achieve from treatment. This will be discussed with you during the consultation. Sports massage can be fast, medium paced or slow, and can use light, medium or deep pressure.

The treatment plan is usually discussed at the end of your first visit. It will determine how often you would benefit from sports massage, and when you should return for your next treatment. The treatment plan will also include advice on things you should do after your massage, including what foods to eat, drinking plenty of water, rest and advise on exercises that may be helpful.

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