Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage in Castle Bromwich, Birmingham

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that uses slow, deep pressure to relieve painful restrictions within muscles and fascia. These problem areas are known as scar tissue, fibrosis, knots and trigger points. These problem areas can lead to deep aching pain in the neck, shoulders, low back, buttocks and hips. Deep tissue massage can help you achieve lasting relief from some of the most common aches, pains and injuries using a combination of traditional massage and advanced techniques such as myofascial release.

  • Relief from deep muscle restrictions that can cause aching pain

  • Break down scar tissue, fibrosis, knots and trigger points

  • Traditional massage techniques and advanced myofascial release

How Can Deep Tissue Massage Help You?

How Does Deep Tissue Massage Work?

It is well known that deep tissue massage provides a whole host of physiological benefits for the human body, including improved circulation, relaxation of muscles, and improved joint mobility. However, deep tissue massage provides a whole host of physcological benefits too, including reduced stress, tension and anxiety. The therapeutic use of massage stimulates the release of feel good hormones called endorphins giving you that sense of optimal health and well-being.

  • Improve circulation and the removal of waste products

  • Reduce stiff muscles and improve joint mobility

  • Reduce stress, anxiety and achieve health and well-being

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Deep Tissue Massage FAQ’s

People are often unsure what to expect during a deep tissue massage. Will it hurt? what should I wear? should I book a male or female practitioner? These are common questions we hear from people booking deep tissue massage for the first time. Our practitioners will ensure that you understand exactly what to expect and receive a great treatment. Below are answers to the most common questions we receive about deep tissue massage. We hope you find it helpful. However, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

No, in our opinion deep tissue massage should never be painful. However, some areas of muscle tension can be uncomfortable. To avoid any unnecessary discomfort, good communication between patient and practitioner is essential. In order to achieve relaxation of the muscles, it is important to use just the right amount of pressure.

You should wear whatever you’re most comfortable in. For females, either underwear or gym wear such as shorts and vest top is fine. For males, a t-shirt with shorts or boxer shorts is fine. However, you will always be draped in towels during treatment and only the area being treated will be uncovered. For more information visit our page what to expect.

It is your preference whether to choose a male or female practitioner. However, it is a misconception that only male practitioners are capable of applying enough pressure for the treatment to be effective. A skilled practitioner regardless of whether they are male or female are capable of delivering an effective deep tissue massage treatment. It is important to appreciate that more pressure is not always better.

Our page what to expect covers this topic in detail. It covers everything you can expect from first and follow up appointments.

If you would like to learn more about deep tissue massage, you may like to visit Massage Today; a media publication dedicated to the providing information about the many different styles of massage therapy.

What Our Patients Say

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“Mark helped me so much with my low back pain. He didn’t just help me feel better, he advised me exactly why my back was hurting”


“Helen helped me so much with low back pain during pregnancy. My back muscles ached all the time but Helen worked wonders”


“Mark and Helen have helped me with several complaints. They provide, honest, affordable, reliable, quality healthcare”