Sports Massage For Boxing

Sports Massage for Boxing

Boxing is a sport that requires speed, power, agility, timing, and of course, skill. In order to successfully develop and display these attributes in the ring, it's essential that the body or specifically the musculoskeletal system can function correctly. Read on to find out how sports massage can help.


Sports Massage for Boxing


Introduction to function & Dysfunction

Correct musculoskeletal function is the successful dynamic relationship between structure and function of the human body. Just as structure governs function, similarly, function governs structure. Musculoskeletal dysfunction on the other hand, is an interruption or lesion that results in the inability for the body to perform a movement correctly and efficiently. However, this does not mean that the body cannot and will not perform in the presence of dysfunction, because it can, but for how long? Many professional athletes, including boxers, have experienced their careers grind to a halt because of a sudden injury such as slap tear. But lets explore that proposal for a second, was it a sudden injury, or was it an intrinsic musculoskeletal dysfunction that become pathological overtime and could have otherwise been avoided?


Ask yourself this question, how many times have you experienced training related pain or discomfort, only to ignore it?


OK, I'm going to confess, that was a trick question. Just because you've never experienced training related pain or discomfort, doesn't mean that some form of dysfunction isn't getting ready to kick you in the ass and sideline you for a couple of months. You see, pain isn't always an apparent sign of dysfunction, so every time you throw that left hook, you could be stretching your anterior shoulder capsule beyond all recognition without even realizing it. Similarly, many powerlifters have described deadlifting for years without experiencing any lower back pain what so ever, yet one day, due to a successful accumulation of lumbar beatdowns - they've had to hobble off stage holding their L5 -S1 never to return. I like the analogy of the body being like a credit card. "You can continually to flex and extend a credit card and it will continue to work for a while, but if you continue this activity, it will snap, and you'll never be able to use it again". Fortunately, you can order a new credit card, replacement shoulders and backs are not as easy to come by however.


Preventing Dysfunction

You can't prevent dysfunction just by avoiding what hurts. If your sport requires you to throw a left hook, then that's what you do. If your sports requires you to run straight into another 20 stone bloke, then that's what you do, but you need to prepare your body for these stressful situations, and that doesn't mean just training harder, because that is what probably got you in this mess in the first place. You need to train and recover smart. If you're a believer in the old saying "no pain, no gain", then you're probably missing a trick. You may be wiser to follow the advice "fail to prepare, prepare to fail", because smart, structured training and recovery is key.


This is where the knowledge of a sports massage therapist and strength and conditioning specialist come in. I doubt you'd be a successful boxer without a coach or manager, so how do you expect to be a successful boxer without a sports massage therapist and strength and conditioning specialist by your side?


How can Sports Massage help?

Many boxers are now seeking the help of strength and conditioning specialist, and that's great, it's definitely a positive move in the right direction. Yet many continue to disregard the benefit of working with a sports therapist or sports massage therapist, only favoring them when pain is present.


Let's be honest, you'll never function optimally, if you can't function basically, and this is the role of a sports massage therapist, to help you establish a strong foundation of which to build from. Would you renovate a house that was suffering subsidence? probably not. A good sports massage therapist will consult you, assess you, and determine a structural and functional baseline of which to build from. Assessment may start with postural analysis, active and passive range of motion, orthopedic special tests, and movement screening, and this will go a long way to help detect any potential interruptions or lesions that could cause your credit card to snap in half later down the line.


It's only fair to say though, It's no good going for a sports massage every three months just because you have tight hamstrings. Why do you have tight hamstrings? because it ain't for no reason. Is there an under active synergist? Do you have tight hamstrings due to an anterior pelvic tilt? Do you have a problem at your foundation, your feet? These are all valid questions that can be answered and addressed when a good working relationship is formed with a sports massage therapist.


It's not all about stretching and mobility

There's a bit of a misconception that sports massage is only concerned with the quality of tissues and improving your joint range of motion. Whilst these things are essential benefits, they're only a small part of the bigger picture. As we discussed previously, musculoskeletal structure and function are reciprocally interacted. Therefore, when your shoulder range of motion is improved, you're less likely to experience glenohumeral internal rotation deficit (GIRD), which means that your shoulder congruency will be restored, which means that your shoulder will be more stable, which means that strength and conditioning and corrective exercise will be safer and more effective, which means that you will perform at your best and prevent the unfortunate onset of pain injury and dysfunction. Do you see how this stuff works? small seeds grow into big trees, and its best to bend the branch while its young, because if you leave it to grow into an oak tree, only a chainsaw (surgery scalpel) will be able to assist you.


What to do now

If you're a boxer or athlete of any sport, and you feel that you'd benefit from sports massage therapy, not just once, but as part of the bigger picture, to help you perform at your healthiest, safest, and most successful, whilst preventing pain, injury and dysfunction, please visit this page about sports massage which details the process and fees for treatment. Alternatively, if you'd like to contact me for more information, help or advice email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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